Four Diamonds


Click here to learn more from their official website!

A-C has been proudly holding “mini-Thons” for the last 13 years and has raised over $340,000 to this date.  In 2012, A-C raised a record $57,000 in donations!

Recently, a documentary of Penn State’s THON was released called “Why We Dance:  The Story of THON.”  If you missed this fantastic documentary, you may view it on Youtube by clicking HERE.

Video from Annville-Cleona’s kick off assembly:  CLICK HERE.


A-C is thrilled to welcome back actress, author, and “Les Mis” (as Fantine) Broadway star Catherine Hickland for her comedy hypnosis show to help benefit The Four Diamonds Fund.

To see Catherine’s message to Annville-Cleona, click HERE.

To see a preview of the show, click HERE.

To print out a ticket order form, click —–>Show Order Form


*Event takes place Friday, March 1, 2013 (7:00 p.m.) and concludes on Saturday, March 2, 2013 (7:00 a.m.).  A minimum of $35 in pledges is needed to attend the event (which can either be done on-line at the donor site or brought in the night of March 1).

*To donate online, visit HERE.  Search for a particular student on the left side of the page or you may just make a donation under the school’s page that will go directly to The Four Diamonds Fund.   Any donations are then credited to that student’s fundraising efforts as well as A-C’s.  Receipts for tax deductions are also available by donating online.

*Instructions for setting up your individual online donation page can be found by clicking HERE.

*Registration form and $10 registration fee are due to Mr. Clements by February 7.  After February 7, t-shirts may not be available.

*If any parents wish to chaperone, the volunteer form may be printed out below and mailed to Mr. Clements in the high school.  We need all chaperone forms submitted by February 8.

High School Parent Volunteer Form (A-C alumni may also use this form)

High School Student Permission Slip

Donation Tracking Sheet

Tips for collecting money:

1.  Never go door-to-door to individuals you do not know.  Stick to family, friends, family co-workers, etc.

2.  You may use the above donation tracking sheet to help track your donations if you find that easier.

3.  If you have an individual who wants a tax-donation receipt, please see Mr. Clements in room 126 or email him at

4.  If you would look an electronic form of our official “business sponsor” letter, please email Mr. Clements at


*Event takes place Saturday, February 23, 2013 (2:00-10:00 p.m.).  As with the high school mini-Thon, a minimum of $35 in pledges is needed to attend the event (which is brought the day of February 23).

*Registration form and $10 registration fee are due to Ms. Haupt or Mrs. Felty by February 7.

*If any parents wish to chaperone, the volunteer form may be printed out below and mailed to Ms. Haupt or Mrs. Felty in the high school.  We need all chaperone forms submitted by February 7.

Middle School Parent Volunteer Form

Middle School Permission Slip



Blue Glove Video 2012:

Back in December of 2010,  one of the Four Diamonds Chairs found a youtube video from a hospital that had made a “Pink Glove Video” to support breast cancer awareness.  It involved EVERYONE at the hospital.  We loved this video so much that we wanted to emulate it in our own special “Dutchman” way, so we created a “Blue Glove” video in support of Penn State’s THON (since PSU has blue and white as their school colors) and also to support Four Diamonds.  The result of this project resulted in the video below.  Thank you to all of the people who participated in the making of the video!

32 responses to “Four Diamonds

  1. Ms Schaeffer


    • Yvonne Youtz

      Oh My! How wonderful – I am so proud of AC “KIDS” As I sit here with the tears rolling down my face, I’m glad to say I worked at AC AND I graduated from AC. Keep upthe good work and I hope you will continue with the Thons until a cure is found!!
      Mrs. Youtz

  2. Ann Naylor

    Just watched the Blue Glove video twice. Love it!!! Fantastic job by all involved and SOOOO COOOOOLLL!!! Congratulations!

    Ann Naylor
    Admin. Asst. to Dr. Houser, Superintendent

  3. Lori Weimer

    Love it! Love it! Love it!!!

    Hugs to all Thonners!
    From a retired Thon chaperone!

  4. Troy Weimer

    incredible. i’m excited to see 45,000 out of AC THON this year

  5. Kay Campbell

    This looks like it is AC’s most dynamic effort ever. Applause!

  6. Felica Nelson

    This was enjoyable to watch. I like how everybody at the school was involved. This was a great way to promote the Thon spirit! Didn’t know some of these teachers can dance!

  7. Kaitlyn Shifflet

    Hey everyone! I can’t wait to see how you do! I am a 2011 THON dancer at State college! I will be representing A-C knowing it’s my high school that got me started in the whole thing!

  8. Megan Long

    AWESOME JOB!! :) This video really shows what AC THON is about!! FTK :)

  9. Mindi Phelps

    I am impressed every time I watch this video!! Thank you so much to Mr. Clements and his committee!!! It is an honor to be part of something so important!!!

  10. Brenda Fitzgibbon

    I didn’t know we were supposed to dance wish I would have had the music it was great loved watching all the teachers and administration. Must have watched it 10 times so far. Soooo Entertaining and for such a great cause. Hats off to you Ryan I love it great great choice of music.

  11. Sam Light

    Whenever I watch this video I have to smile.So I decided to show it to my dorm on the big screen in the lounge. Everyone loved it! FTK!!!!!

  12. Mary Lou Tillman

    I had the privilege to watch this during my long recovery. It is not only inspirational, it really gets to the core of person fighting cancer. You’re the absolute BEST!

  13. I graduated from A-C in 2001 and now I am the mother of a Four Diamond’s child. My son, Austin, is battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and is treated at Hershey Medical Center. Tonight was the first time I have seen this video and I was laughing and crying at the same time! It was wonderful to see so many of my former teachers. I am SO VERY PROUD of what A-C is doing for THON and the Four Diamonds. What you are doing is helping to save my son’s life. THANK YOU ALL so very much!

  14. Megan Long

    Once again AC, you have proved to be all about the kids!!! Great video and can’t wait to see you all at THON 2012! :)

  15. Great Video, and BIG HUGS to my courageous friend, Mary Lou Tillman!

  16. chelsea reddinger

    wow these awesome video is good, big hugs to my awesome old teacher mrs. tillman stay strong for us we love u

  17. Ms Schaeffer

    Can’t decide if my favorite act in blue gloves is Mr. Love, Tyson “basketball: Hayes, of Dr. Reimann. It’s tough to compete with Ms Tillman since she has that great Philly style.
    Good job everyone.
    Ms Schaeffer

  18. Katie Sholly

    This makes me even prouder to be a little Dutchman!!! Go AC!! FTK

  19. Beth Loose

    So excited to see this video! So happy to see some old faces! So proud of all the students and staff in this district!

  20. Derrick Rupp

    I am Proud To Be a DUTCHMAN and nothing less then that!!! KEEP IT UP AC. FOR THE KIDS!!!!

  21. Katie Sholly

    This always makes me proud to be a Little Dutchman. Go get ’em A-C!!!!!

  22. Brenda Sprecher

    I’ve been to State College and witnessed their THON first hand…what a rush, but I have to say this video had a much greater impact for me. I am a cancer survivor and to see my son and so many familiar faces participating in this event reduced me to “HAPPY” tears. From the bottom of my heart I’d like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the creativity and commitment from all the people involved…AC ROCKS!!!! MARY LOU TILLMAN…You go girl!!!

  23. Andrea May

    Not kidding, this made me cry. I love Annville! And I love THON <3

  24. lyndsey and johnalan

    thank you for putting on this video because miss.tillman is my most most most favorite teacher

  25. lyndsey and johnalan

    This is a awsome movie of the kids

  26. Joanne Custer

    Wow! I absolutely love the 2012 Kick Off Video. Extremely moving and captures the spirit the Fund. Courage – Strength – Wisdom – Honesty are forever part of AC! What a wonderful community of giving students led by Clem. Best Wishes for a record-setting year. Go AC!

  27. Kathy Setlock

    This is amazing!! So proud of all of you!! Sorry I couldn’t get up there for your mini-THON. Thought of you all night!! You’re the best!! Thanks to you Joey is now 14 and plays goalie for Hempfield lacrosse!! Can’t wait to hear the total!!

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